Anikó Sáfrán creates conceptual art motivated by her engagement with the social, political, and natural worlds. An interdisciplinary artist rooted in photography, she uses alternative- traditional- and digital photographic processes, video, sound, performance, painting, and drawing to create site-specific installations.


Born in New Jersey to Hungarian immigrants, Sáfrán’s bi-cultural identity influences her work. Since the birth of her own child, life and art have become increasingly inseparable. She multitasks as a means to, a device in, and the subject of her artmaking. She documents traces of her movements through time and space. She records traces of her family’s daily living by incorporating the residuals into her artistic practice. Sáfrán’s current work focuses on the domestic: food waste and its contribution to global warming, quotidian rituals, and multitasking as a mother-artist -paying particular attention to the gender gap in unpaid care work. Each series within her installations works interdependently yet also functions as an independently exhibiting entity. It is a family of work that is continually growing and developing.


Sáfrán received an MFA in Interdisciplinary Art from James Madison University. She holds a BFA in Photography with a minor in Arts and Technology and a BA in Film and New Media Arts with an honors certificate from the University of Utah. Sáfrán’s award-winning work has been displayed at numerous exhibition spaces, including The Contemporary Museum of Honolulu, the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, the Richmond International Airport, and the Bartok Gallery in Budapest, Hungary. Sáfrán is a past Siciliano Utah Fine Arts Institute Scholar (2007) and a VMFA Visual Arts Fellow (2020-21).


Anikó Sáfrán is transitioning from The Friendly City of Harrisonburg in Virginia’s verdant Shenandoah Valley to one of the greatest metropolitan regions on Earth: New York.